Building Requirements

Listing of Building Documents

One of the many benefits of being a member of LEPOA is the review and approval of building projects within our community. This is done to help ensure building projects meet or exceed the building requirements as specified by our subdivision bylaws. Our goal is to maintain the standards we are all accustomed to so that our property values will be enhanced over time.

LEPOA building approval is required for:

  • New home construction
  • Additions or modifications to an existing home
  • Accessory/storage buildings, sheds, gazebos, pergolas
  • Decks (new or expansion)
  • Fences
  • Pools

Note: Home maintenance and landscaping projects generally do not require approval. You can always contact us if unsure.

The LEPOA building approval process is outlined below:

  1. Review the bylaws for your subdivision before starting. Be aware that the building restrictions vary between the different subdivisions.
  2. Be sure your membership dues are paid up to date.
  3. Submit a completed LEPOA Building Committee Information Form. You can download the latest version of the form here.
  4. Submit your drawings - house drawings must be printed on 2'x3' paper (only 1 set needed). If you are unable to obtain an electronic copy of the house drawings then a 2nd hard copy set will be needed. For smaller projects, 8.5”x11” is acceptable along with written specifications.
  5. Submit a site plan - for new homes this is typically provided by the surveyor or architect. For smaller projects, a hand drawn sketch is permissible. Included here is the example site plan used by the township. Be sure to include all distances (in feet) from building to building and building to property lines on the site plan.
  6. Deliver one hard copy set (address to be provided by the Committee chair) along with sending an email to with all of the documents in a PDF format. The electronic documents are saved for reference purposes only; hard copies are not kept.
  7. You will receive an email once the LEPOA approval is complete and the set of documents are dropped off at the township office.

Some other things to be aware of:

  • Average length of time for LEPOA approval is 2 - 4 weeks.
  • For the subdivisions of Gilgal, Irish Mist, and Stonehedge, their respective boards will also be involved in the approval process.
  • Be sure you contact the township (Cambridge or Franklin) to obtain the proper permits required (i.e., Building and/or Zoning). This is the homeowners responsibility and is not a part of the LEPOA Building approval process.

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