Rules, Regulations, Bylaws

Loch Erin is a private lake owned and supported by the property owners.
There is NO PUBLIC ACCESS to Loch Erin.


LEPOA Rules & Regulations

Vehicle Information

Vehicle Stickers

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Boat Ramp Key Card

Rules, Regulations, & Bylaws

For bylaw or neighborhood restriction issues, please complete the Request for Board Assistance form and email it to the LEPOA Compliance Officer, Eric Cullum, Compliance issues cannot be submitted anonymously and will not be addressed until a completed form has been submitted.

The land bridge between Donegal Dr. and Limerick Dr. Is not owned by LEOPA nor is it a Loch Erin Park. This land is privately owned and several property owners on Donegal and Limerick have deeded boat access. While it is permissible to pass through the land bridge to gain access to Donegal Dr. or Limerick Dr., the land is posted and is not to be used for other purposes. The docks are privately owned and not accessible except to the owners. Trespassing including loitering, fishing, picnicking and swimming is not permitted. Violators are subject to prosecution.

Vehicle Information

All automobiles parked on LEPOA property/parks must have a LEPOA vehicle stickers affixed to the lower passenger-side corner of the windshield. Automobiles at our parks without a LEPOA vehicle sticker will be towed. Vehicle stickers can be obtained by emailing a picture or copy of your current registration to, or by mail: PO Box 302, Onsted MI 49265.

Only watercraft that are registered to a LEPOA dock slip are required to have a watercraft sticker; please refer to the Docks & Ramps area for more information. All other watercraft are no longer required to have LEPOA stickers.

Boat Ramp Key Card

Property owners in good standing are issued gate cards for the boat ramp, upon request. A signed Launch Gate Card Agreement must be submitted and on file for a key card to be issued.

  • If a key card is lost, replacements will be issued at a charge of $100.
  • In the event that a member is no longer in good standing, the key card will be disabled.

Loch Erin Property Owners Association

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