Gilgal Pointe

Gilgal Pointe Site Condominium
P.O. Box 103 Onsted, Michigan 49265

The Gilgal Pointe Site Condominium, under terms of the Master Deed, is administered by a Board of Directors responsible for the affairs of the association. We strive to uphold our beautiful lake community that represents quality living and a desirable place to live by residents.

We encourage and support a bond of neighbors who voluntarily work together to increase property values and promote the spirit of respect, caring, community, family, and friends. The mission of the Board of Directors is to preserve and better our lake community by maintaining the common ground areas, upholding our Bylaws, Deed Restrictions, and Policies.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, April through October. Co-owners are welcome to attend; please request in advance to accommodate space requirements.

*Meetings are not held in the months of November, December, January, February and March.

  • Our Values and Pledge
  • The Board will serve the property owners of Gilgal Pointe by taking a fair, ethical, and objective approach in representing the interest of all homeowners.
  • We will enforce the Bylaws, while providing ethical and fiscally responsible solutions to promote community, to enhance our property values, and plan for the future.
  • We will treat all issues and residents with respect, and work in a professional and objective manner to resolve issues.

Gilgal Pointe Board of Directors

The Gilgal Pointe Site Condominium Board consists of five Directors, each of which serve a two-year term. Each year, two or three Directors are elected at the Annual Association Membership Meeting; all co-owners in good standing are eligible to be elected. If you share our passion for your neighborhood and your neighbors, we encourage you to volunteer to become a member of the board of directors. Elections are held at the Annual Meeting each June. Look for the spring newsletter for information on being included on the ballot.

Harry McCann
(517) 467-7901
Lynne Hessler
Vice President
(614) 595-8963
John Gilroy
(734) 323-9185
Angela Kimerer
(517) 442-5923
Patrick Coulter
(517) 673-6776

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